Cherry Pie…<3

23 Jan

One way that I can deal with stress is cooking. I don’t like to do dishes, but I LOVE to cook!

We were talking about what to bake this morning amongst ourselves and my youngest daughter says “I can’t wait until big brother comes home, I am going to make his cherry pie!” She then points out that we haven’t made Any cherry pies since he left home, on my birthday almost 5 years ago! Now that is along time without Cherry pie!

Why, oh why, no Cherry pie? When we found out that he was being deployed to Afghanistan, I gave up drinking Dr. Pepper as a way to show support for him. He wouldn’t be able to have any, so neither would I! Christmas that year was very difficult, as hanging up his ornaments, stocking, all reminded us that he was far away and we could not talk with him. 

Deciding upon the Christmas dinner is a family thing, we all share ideas of what we would like to eat for this special day. That is how it came around to Not having Cherry Pie! Well, if Jaron can’t have it we won’t either. 

The children are learning to cook new things and it has been decided that we Will make Cherry Pie this summer, sometime in the near future.

Somehow, it will probably taste the best we have ever remembered. Not because we waited so long to prepare and partake of this seasonal treat, but because of the company that it will be shared with.

We love our family and Cherry Pie!Image


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