Pearly Whites

23 Jan

Upon taking the children to their routine twice a year cleanings at the new dentist, we were informed that the reason they are having cavity problems is their teeth did not finish bridging together. The illustration the dentist used; their teeth are like mini glaciers, they have tiny fissure cracks and no matter how hard they brush, decay will prevail.

We have been faithful in seeking routine, preventative dental care and this is the first I had heard of it. Mind you, my youngest children are 10 & 12 years old! Needless to say, I was a little alarmed, dismayed, upset, ok Frosted! After a second opinion, both children are receiving the care to help them keep their teeth healthy.

I have been in a life change, diet that is. I woke up at 2 am, pretty common occurence for me. After I stoked the fire, I realized I was famished. I thought about eating something not in my range of food, then reached for a healthy alternative. Dried fruit, a piece of “seedless”plum. I had conquered the urge to eat “bad”! As I popped the treat into my mouth, I rolled it over and started to bite down. I felt and heard simultaneously the crack of my premolar. Being Sunday night and Monday a holiday, dread set in. 

Not only did I lose half my tooth, what was left is as sharp as a shard of jagged glass that you see in movie bar fights! So, thankful for Zoi yogurt, soup and vitamin shakes I hesitantly forged through most of Monday. I called and was able to get an appointment Tuesday late afternoon.

After an x-ray, the dentist informed me that not only had my tooth suffered decay, which caused it to weaken and crack, but I have abnormally shallow roots. Even if he did a root canal, he could not guarantee it would clean up and heal as it should. The best option is to remove the offending tooth. I could have a dental implant after it heals, I could hear him say. 

Well, I guess I am not ready for this part of my life. I do not want to relinquish my teeth to decay, my bones to arthritis, my activity to sit by the wood stove and watch the rest of the world go by.

What did i do? I started to cry, tears uncontrollable, streaming down my face. I must of sat in that chair for at least 10 minutes thinking, how does life come to this?

Come to what, you may be thinking? The point in my life, where I don’t have so that my children do. That we pull teeth, dodge medical issues and skirt bills to provide for them what  we did not have available to us growing up.

My mom passed away over 19 years ago today. Several years, the anniversary has quietly been passed over on the calendar. Today, I remember being a little girl and running through the house with my mom’s dentures stuck in my mouth! I had found them in the bathroom, soaking and curious I stuck them in my mouth. Then, I could not get them out! Well, unfortunately my mom had a houseful of ladies for lunch that day! I ran to my mom and she horrifically realized what I had in my mouth and she started yelling at me “Lisa-Anne, you come here right now!” Well, once I heard that I ran away. I was alarmed that I could not get the dentures out of my mouth!

My mom was a beautiful woman, no one would of ever guessed that she had dentures. She is not around for me to ask, how this came about. Nor can I share my grieving over the loss of my teeth, nor aging changes. 

I am thankful the dentist is letting me make payments.

I hope that as you care for your teeth today, remember how much power is in a smile!

I have taken my teeth for granted, I have cared for them as I could. Now, it is too late to “wish things back”. A new, uninvited chapter in the book of my life…


2 Responses to “Pearly Whites”

  1. Grndma Chris February 4, 2013 at 11:35 pm #

    Don’t beat yourself up, some things are out of our control, some are genetics. I have taken extreme care of my teeth all of my life. I had the cleanings, braces, I even, to this day, where my retainer…I’m 46. Well thanks to genetics and age, I have receding gums, 2 molars are down so far you can see almost the entire root system-freaks every dentist out. Even with grafting I don’t have enough gum structure…in a nutshell I will probably be losing teeth and if I get implants there won’t be gum to cover them either.

    So you see, even if you take great care of your teeth, if something is going to happen, it’s simply going to happen.
    Enjoy today because you really don’t know what tomorrow brings.

    • zionfeirme February 11, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

      I appreciate your stopping by and sharing and enjoyed reading your blog!

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