4th of July on Z Feirme

5 Jul

We had been investigating options in our community and around Lane County to see what sounded like a good way to spend our Friday celebrating Freedom.

After spending alot of time checking out events, we decided to stay home and have family time together. Living on a farm, chores happen 365 days a year. Whether rain or shine, heat or cold,the care of the creatures and garden must be taken care of first.

Sometimes it is hard to be firm raising children whilst managing a farm, even as small as ours. Oh Mom, come on, can’t we do this first? No fair, or he/she hasn’t are all echoes in the eves and morns. So much so, that during school I took on all of the morning chores. It only takes me 1 1/2 hours to complete All of the outside tasks every morning, 2 hours if a milking day. I only milk every other day right now. We have 4 milk does; 2 bred and 2 open. One of the open does is milking through for the first time and she is not happy about not being bred! She eyes me every milk morning and scrutizes me as she breathes in the aroma of buck from the back of the barn.

I got up at 6 something this morning to drive to pick up my sister so we could carpool and grocery shop together. It takes over 1/2 an hour to get into Eugene, I do not mind the distance! After shopping, stopping at the bank, gas station and driving home I realize I am already tired and it is only 1:30 when I get home. I go inside, the children unload the bags and cooler, yes a cooler. This keeps things cold/frozen until I get home. After lying down for 15 minutes because my feet were throbbing, I am up and running again. Finding jars to ready for canning the Fruit salsa I made last night. Last night I canned salsa for my hubby, he likes it to make his eyes water and throat burn. Jars cleaned, filled and processed. 48 jars and 3 hours later  I am feeling accomplished! I really like to can and to see the product of your efforts is so rewarding.

Checked for eggs, grand daughter is here visiting and loves getting eggs, riding the pony and bike outside. All eggs put into cartons and into the back fridge, which is where we store our extra milk, eggs and cold groceries.

Firepit is set up, barbecue is started, wood laid out for burning. My husband has been watering all around the yard and house to wet everything down for our own fireworks celebration.

Wonderful dinner; hamburgers, potato salad, hot dogs, home made ice tea, pickles enjoyed before the festivities. Table is set up on the gravel driveway, dogs locked up with music playing so they don’t get so upset. All outside chores done, all fed, watered, locked in or put away.

Our youngest son has been driving us crazy for the last two days wanting to light off smoke bombs, so we start with those and 3 stage sparklers. We were so blessed with a big box of fireworks from the children’s Godmother a couple of months ago. Watching all of the running back and forth, laughing and excitement we reminisce about previous years of 4th of July.

Next year, we are already looking forward to. Our eldest son who has served in the Army for the last 6 years will finally be home stateside  with his lovely wife and the will be gathering to build their own nest.

Fancy fireworks, events, cards and decorations may be nice or even considered a must by some. To us the most important thing is making new memories, honoring past ones and spending time with those you love. What are you passing onto the children in your lives? Do you ever talk about how Freedom is won and the sacrifices of those who fight for it?

Gaze into the flames and give thanks, start counting your blessings. I know we do! Well off to bed for this farm Mom, roosters demand early!



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