About Zion Feirme

Zion Feirme is a small rural family owned farm snugly nestled in between the beginnings of the Oregon Coastal foothills. We have learned in the over 12 years we have lived here that we have our own weather pattern.

We currently raise our livestock as naturally and sustainably as possible. Our stock, trees, bushes, herbs, flowers and children are raised in a chemical free environment.

We are a clan of family, tracing our roots to Ireland. Although we have not traveled there as of yet, we are inspired by the quiet, simple, magnificent beauty of the land.

This blog is about~Our ability to live here, farm happenings, family life, military, daily struggles and having our faith tested to the limits.

Having readers checking in already, is a catalyst to writing and letting you know about….Zion Feirme.

Our own little world.

Our own little world.


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